Monday, September 12, 2016

Square is as important as level!

 The blog is moving over to The 3D Printing Llama blog. Trying to consolidate all the info and make it easier to organize and find. this post is now located here

sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. I think Y is the more important now to address here! X and Z are easy to notice but if your Y is off you'll get some the parallelogram effect on the bed. And its more difficult to notice!

  2. Ya, i didn't cover Y all that much I guess.. though the image "X toY" shows how to check it I may do one more little graphic image and add it for Y

  3. hello
    you can also have big trouble if your Y axis is not parallel
    because your bed will go up and down when y axis will move from side to side !!!

  4. Here's your solution for the xLy orthogonality I made this as I noticed right off my x an y were out of square and this did the trick truing them up. :)