Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cold pull cleaning when nozzle is off...

So,.. had a very minor something or other slightly clogging my nozzle.  Wasn't terrible but was enough to make the thread do the little curl coming out of the nozzle.
Done the cold pull thing but just never seem to get it right, always a bit too hot and it didn't get it all, or a tad too cold and it would break before all of it came out.  So I just pulled the nozzle.  Then I thought about it and said to myself, "self, why not do a cold pull now instead of trying to deal with the little drill bits and tiny wire?"  well.. so I held the nozzle with a pair of pliers,.. heated with a lighter a for a short bit.. jammed in a scrap piece of filament and let it cool.. low and behold, I could yank it out and the amount of crap that came with was amazing!!  worked like a charm and now she's printing SO much better/cleaner lines!

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